Using Candles as Fashionable, Colorful Home Accessories


Candles do so much for the home. As well as taking us back to our roots, and allowing us to relax with our most traditional form of light, they are also a great way to release relaxing scents into the home. Candles can even be used as accessories that add additional color to your rooms.


When you’re looking to freshen up your home for 2017, you can of course look to the latest fashion trends, or the colors in popular magazines. You can also look to Dulux, the most notorious paint company in the world.


The firm recently named its color of the year foe 2017, and it’s called Denim Drift.


Embrace Color Trends with Decorative Candles


Based on their annual forecast, based on emerging trends, Dulux says that Denim Drift – a blue/greenshade that’s neither too cold nor too warm – will be the most popular color for 2017.


The neutral shade means it goes great with lots of different colors, too. Decorative candles are a great way to contrast colors in your home, and this shade loks amazing with navy colors, brown shades and dirty white colors.


Dulux themselves even released a palette of blue colors that they say go perfectly with their Denim Drift color, which can be seen below.

These ten shades give you a huge amount of options when it comes to candles and other accessories in your home. Choosing darker colors for your furnishings and walls, and opting for lighter shades when you choose candles and other scattered accessories, can create a natural contrast in your home.


Emerging Scents for 2017


Aside from color, candles are popular for the huge range of scents which are available now. From ‘ocean breeze’ to cinnamon, candle scents allow you to transform the ambience of your home in a way that isn’t visible or immediately obvious.


Every year we hear of brand new scents, whether it’s based on your favorite Starbucks drink, or wood shavings and whisky (for real!).


Spring is just around the corner, and 2017 is about to experience a wave of brand new candle scents. This spring, make your home feel more homely with some of the most luxury and delightful scents around.


Pear-scented candles with neutral colors are quickly becoming popular and will be ideal for homes that embrace all kinds of color schemes. The same is true for elderflower – a classic scent that comes around time and time again. These candles are typically neutral in color, so are ideal for all home decors.

For something a little bolder, try cherry or cherry blossom. These candles are bold and pink, and the scent is refreshing and clean. It’s perfect for people who want to keep their home smelling as fresh as the new season.

Scatter Your Candles


Once you’ve chosen candles you like, remember to scatter them through your home. The purpose isn’t always to have them burning, so even if your candle looks great in a room that you don’t frequent so often – leave it there! The colors alone make candles the perfect home accessory.

Which Rug Fabric is Best for You?

living-roomYour rug makes your room. Like curtains, a rug can be a statement piece or draw together two contrasting styles and colors in any room. On top of it, they’re also a cozy addition to any room – so don’t underestimate the power that a rug can have.


There is a huge variety of rugs out there for you to choose from, too. From traditional and Persian rugs, to thin rugs and circular rugs, you have a huge range of options in terms of style, shape and even material. No matter which one you choose, your rug can pull together your favorite styles and make your home your own.


But regardless of style, which fabric should you be looking for?
Wool Rugs

A wool rug offers softness and durability, as well as a warmth that many other rugs just can’t offer. Hand woven or tufted wool rugs are ideal for people who want minimal upkeep. They’re super easy to clean and regular vacuum cleaners should do a perfectly good job of removing most dirt.

Wool is naturally resistant to stains, too. Thanks to the natural oils within the wool, you’ll find that this kind of rug remains durable for many years to come, and won’t look tired and old in a year’s time.
Wool rugs can be hand-loomed, machine-loomed, hand-tufted or hand-knotted.


Cotton Rugs


Looking to save money? A quality cotton rug is typically less expensive than a wool rug, but if cared for properly, can look great in your room. Whether it’s a traditional pattern or something more modern, cotton rugs are versatile, soft and affordable.

You can pick up a variety of cotton rugs too, including flatweave styles, traditional looms or even hand-woven rugs.


Hair-on-hide rugs are by no means the most common option, but they’re great if you’re looking for something different. These hair-on-hide rugs often showcase different colors and textures of hide, skilfully stitched together to create something special.

Cleaning is relatively simple. Vacuum the rug regularly, but don’t use a beater bar. The hide is durable but speeding up wear can make it appear patchy.
Natural Fiber Rugs


For something really durable, look no further than a natural fiber rug. These have a completely flat texture and are ideal if you’re looking for something extremely durable. Using natural fibers, these rugs are woven together extremely tightly, making them much easier to clean than rugs with absorbent fibers.

Spills can be cleaned using wet clothes and extraction powder, and vacuuming is really easy. To ensure that the rug stays looking great for longer, however, be sure that it stays out of the way of direct sunlight. Natural fibers can fade over time!


Synthetic Rugs


If you’re not so interested in natural fibers, a synthetic rug can offer extreme durability and a more affordable option. These rugs tend to be common in office environments given their relative inexpensiveness and durability – but the huge amount of patterns available mean they can also look great in the hope. Typically made from blends of nylon, polyester or olefin, a synthetic rug is more durable than natural fiber rugs and can even be hosed down when they need cleaning.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. Even more options are available for those looking for the very best rug they can find, including silk, chenille and more.

Stay On Trend with Knitwear in 2017

Knitwear seems to have finally gotten past the stage of being not much more than the ugly sweaters your grandma used to make. Knitwear is one of the most popular winter fashion trends, and that’s expected to continue throughout early 2017, and late 2017 as Fall and Winter set in.


Oversized Knitwear is All the Rage


In case you haven’t noticed, one of the most popular trends with knitwear these days is oversized knitwear. These are sweaters, jumpers and cardigans that are not just a size too big, but have extremely wide sleeves and longer sides that are designed to make the wearer more comfortable. offers some great examples of oversized knitwear, including a lambswool and cashmere wrap coat and turtleneck from Pringle of Scotland. The brown sweater with extra-wide sleeves are paired nicely with leather trousers and Wolford tights, creating a 1960s vibe that also seems to scream ‘2017’.
Going beyond oversized knitwear, however, WWD shows an example of an ‘unravelled’ piece of knitwear – a cashmere sweater that has tattered sleeves and edges, as well as a ridged effect all over. Paired again with Wolford tights and black trousers, this tattered piece of knitwear is exceptionally modern and certainly stands out.

The Latest Trends for Men


Knitwear in 2017 is not all focused on women, however. John Smedley recently presented their 2017 fall/winter collection, using their tagline ‘the world’s finest knitwear’. The brand says it is committed to quality and elegance, and the pieces they had on display were definitely interesting.


As well as traditional jumpers and sweaters, John Smedley showed off corduroy-style knitted turtleneck knitwear that was finished with color-matched scarves. They also presented a range of cardigans, suggesting that the knitted cardigan may well be making a return for the 2017 winter season.


What to Look Out For


What appears to be consistent with designers specializing in oversized knitwear right now, is the combination of oversized and baggy trousers with their knitted garments. John Smedley is among many other designers who are branching out into more daring knitwear styles, with split-seam knitted dresses, and wide trousers for both men and women that are design to go with Chelsea boots (another style that’s making a return in 2017).


Summer knitwear?


Not to be outdone by John Smedley and others, Japanese fashion brand ‘vivsim’ recently displayed their spring/summer 2017 collection, and it included knitwear. Despite this typically being included in fall and winter lines, the Japanese brand introduced light knitwear that follows the oversized style we have come to expect. Their style is clearly inspired by vintage Americana, and includes denim and accessories that look very forward-thinking. Check it out.


So whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring, knitwear is making a comeback, and it could just be your favorite section of your wardrobe throughout the coming year. Don’t look past this trend – keep on top of this popular fashion and look your best all year round.


Consider These Four Things Before Choosing Curtains for Your Home


Curtains are so much more than a window cover. Your curtains can pull together contrasting or conflicting colors in your room, or even be statement pieces in an otherwise bland space. Your curtains are a key part of your décor, and it’s important to consider these five things before you make your decision.

Picking the Right Fabrics


First of all, what kind of fabric do you need? You might think that this doesn’t matter unless you plan on touching them a lot, but they really do impact the visuals of your room. For instance, a thin polyester blend curtain might be perfectly fine for a room with blinds fitted, but otherwise, they are visibly thin and let in a lot of light.

Thicker fabrics, however, fall flat, don’t have visible creases and keep more light out.


If you’re intending to keep your rooms dark in the night time, then a thicker fabric is best. For a higher quality look, choose velvet or silk. Faux silk works nicely too, and linen is ideal for a summery feel.

Color and Weight


Of course, it’s important to choose a color that fits your décor. The color also goes hand in hand with the fabric you choose. For instance, lighter linen curtains look best in light blues, neutral shades and pastel colors. They are ideal for summer rooms with cooler colors.


Warmer rooms, however – which embrace darker shades of red, brown and even navy – look much better with warm-colored wool and velvet curtains. The color and style you choose, however, really is up to you. Pastel-colored heavy curtains can be a quirky statement piece in a modern room.


To Line or Not to Line?


Lining curtains is simply the process of adding an extra layer of fabric behind the primary fabric. This is common practice and will come as standard with most on practice and will come as standard with most curtains you purchase – should you be designing your curtains yourself, however, it’s an option that will be available to you.
Lining isn’t necessary – but the added weight helps keep creases away, and it also means you can more easily block out light.


What Length Do You Need?


Getting the length right is not as easy as it might sound. To ensure that your curtains are the right length, you must first decide how high above your window you would like the curtains to hang from. Opt for your curtains to hang higher, and you’ll add height to your room. Hang them lower, and you make the room feel more cozy and closed in.

Measure from the top of your window to the floor, and add the extra height you would like your curtains to hang from. If you want a modern look, this will ensure the curtains are perfectly trim with the ground. For a more traditional look, however, simply add a few extra inches and your curtains will gather nicely on the carpet.

Color Coordination & Other Tips for the Perfect Nautical Home Theme



Nautical-themed fashion has been popular for a number of years. From anchor-themed accessories to striped, navy garments with gold buttons – everything and anything nautical has been snapped up by consumers all over the world. It became a huge part of men’s fashion in 2016, and the trend doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon.


The theme is popular because of its cool, yet warming, color theme. The dark navy looks great with neutral white tones, or outlandish gold colors. It’s really versatile, and it’s a fantastic way to decorate your home.


Get Color Coordinated


Looking to implement a nautical theme at home? The first step is choosing your colors. You’ll need to coordinate your colors properly throughout your home – or at least throughout a specific room – in order to maintain this theme.


Consider the colors and shades you use on your curtains, carpets, furniture, cushions, rugs, throws and carpets. These are primary sources of color in any room. Your wallpaper or paint color can also help define a room, but a key thing to remember when embracing the nautical theme is to start with a neutral base color. A white or other pale shade is a great base to work on, using furniture and accessories that are dark blue, gray or light blue to create the theme. Gold candlesticks, plates can be scattered throughout the room sporadically, embracing a nautical look which has already been embraced in the world of fashion.


Embrace Stripes


A key element of any nautical theme is stripes. These go back to the classic depictions of sailors wearing striped hats and outfits, and when used tastefully, they can create a modern and welcoming ambience in any room.


A great place for stripes is on your curtains. Using pale and neutral curtains with large and spaced-out blue stripes can bridge the gap between neutral walls and darker colors on your furniture.


Rugs are another great place for stripes, as are wool and cashmere throws draped across a chair or sofa. Be sure, however, not to use stripes too often or it can quickly become overwhelming.
Get Nautical in the Bathroom


The bathroom is the perfect place to embrace your nautical theme – you’re surrounded by water, and you can be a little more obvious about your theme.


While you may not want overt references to the ocean in your living room (though some might!), the bathroom gives you the chance to be more creative. Your shower curtain, for instance, is a great place to show off some personality. There are some great nautical and even map-themed shower curtains available online. You could hang blue lifesavers on your wall, or use large shells as soap dishes. It’s a great way to get creative, and it ties in with a wider theme across the rest of your home. You have a chance to really show off your personality in your bathroom – but remember the rule: pale walls, bold accessories!