Creating a Comfortable Reading Nook

One of the best ways to unwind each day is with a good book. You can create a cozy little reading nook in your own home, so that you can relax and spend your evening diving into your favorite book. Here are some key tips on how to transform a space in your home into a nice little nook perfect for curling up in and reading your favorite book. If you aren’t an avid reader, it can still be a nice spot to drink your coffee or tea in the morning, while you prepare for your day. You can sit and read the daily paper, eat your breakfast, and get ready for the day. So, whether you want to spend a Sunday afternoon reading, or you want to curl up with a book after a long day, here are the best ways to create your own little nook.

You can add a cushion to a bench and push it near a window with good lighting. Then, you can add some pillows and curl up. If you don’t have a bench, you can get a chaise lounge. Throw a comfy wool blanket over it and you are ready to go.

  • Transform an awkward spot in your home

Some homes have spots that don’t work well and are hardly functional. You can change this spot into an intimate oasis, where you can easily lose yourself in a book. Make sure that you have adequate lighting, a small table for a drink, and a comfy chair or rocking chair to sit in. You can add a small foot rest to put your feet up on. If you choose a foot rest that doubles as a storage space, you can even leave your books in there.

  • Add a small book shelf

You may get into a book and realize that it is just not what you wanted it to be. If that is the case, you can choose to add a small two level book shelf. Keep your favorites on the shelf and then you can read them, if you decide that you don’t like the new one that you started.

  • Don’t forget the throw

You don’t want to be disrupted in the middle of your stories to get a blanket. Throw a nice wool throw blanket over the back of the chair and you will be prepared for when you get hold. It is a great way to get comfy as well. Pull that blanket up to your chin and get ready to read.

Having a small area in your home that is designed specifically for reading is perfect for winding down each day. The spot will be great in the morning, while you drink your tea or coffee as well. You can spend your morning waking up to the sun shining in your window. It is a great way to start your day off on the right foot. Grab your coffee and stare out at the world outside, while you mentally prepare for your day.