Pulling Off an Intimate Party for your Loved Ones

One of the greatest parts of having your own space is being able to host a party for your loved ones. Entertaining is one thing that many homeowners or renters enjoy. It is the feel of having your closest friends enjoys your most intimate space with you. So, grab a bottle of wine, make some finger foods or sweet treats, and enjoy a little time with laughing with the ones you love the most.

Here are some key tips to pulling off an intimate party

  • Setting up the room

One of the first things that you need to do is to set up a space in your home for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Most individuals have their entertaining space all ready for company. However, if you have not entertained before, you may want to rearrange some furniture or create more sitting space for all of your friends.

  • Size of the group

You don’t want to invite a ton of people for an intimate gathering. Just a few friends are ideal. Try to invite an even number, so if everyone is engaged in a one-on-one conversation, nobody is left out. Choose people who share the same interests or choose your good friends, so that the vibe in the room is good and inviting.

Make sure that you serve some sort of appetiser or meal. Individuals expect to eat at a party and they will likely wait to eat. You don’t want everyone ready to head for the door because they are starving. Choose light foods, instead of heavy meals.

  • Drinks, drinks, and more drinks

You can choose to serve decadent or fun cocktails or a great bottle of wine. Be sure to have coffee or tea for sobering up your besties or giving non-drinkers an option. Choose just one signature drink for the evening, so that you can make a huge pitcher before the party. Then, you can fill the guest’s glasses as they show up.

  • Comforting feel

You want to incorporate some soft and plush throw blankets around the room to offer your guests an option of curling up while they enjoy your company. You want them to feel at home and feel cosy, so that the night flows nicely and everyone enjoys themselves.


You want your entertaining space to be designed with comfortable seating, great drinks, decadent finger foods, and even better conversation. It is the best way to create a warm and inviting ambience for your loved ones. When you are designing your space, choose plush and textured rugs, couches with a lot of space for lounging, warm and plush throw blankets, and soft lighting. That way when you are ready to entertain, the room is all set and ready to go. All that’s left to do is grab a bottle of wine, prepare a few appetisers, and light a candle or two.