Using Candles as Fashionable, Colorful Home Accessories


Candles do so much for the home. As well as taking us back to our roots, and allowing us to relax with our most traditional form of light, they are also a great way to release relaxing scents into the home. Candles can even be used as accessories that add additional color to your rooms.


When you’re looking to freshen up your home for 2017, you can of course look to the latest fashion trends, or the colors in popular magazines. You can also look to Dulux, the most notorious paint company in the world.


The firm recently named its color of the year foe 2017, and it’s called Denim Drift.


Embrace Color Trends with Decorative Candles


Based on their annual forecast, based on emerging trends, Dulux says that Denim Drift – a blue/greenshade that’s neither too cold nor too warm – will be the most popular color for 2017.


The neutral shade means it goes great with lots of different colors, too. Decorative candles are a great way to contrast colors in your home, and this shade loks amazing with navy colors, brown shades and dirty white colors.


Dulux themselves even released a palette of blue colors that they say go perfectly with their Denim Drift color, which can be seen below.

These ten shades give you a huge amount of options when it comes to candles and other accessories in your home. Choosing darker colors for your furnishings and walls, and opting for lighter shades when you choose candles and other scattered accessories, can create a natural contrast in your home.


Emerging Scents for 2017


Aside from color, candles are popular for the huge range of scents which are available now. From ‘ocean breeze’ to cinnamon, candle scents allow you to transform the ambience of your home in a way that isn’t visible or immediately obvious.


Every year we hear of brand new scents, whether it’s based on your favorite Starbucks drink, or wood shavings and whisky (for real!).


Spring is just around the corner, and 2017 is about to experience a wave of brand new candle scents. This spring, make your home feel more homely with some of the most luxury and delightful scents around.


Pear-scented candles with neutral colors are quickly becoming popular and will be ideal for homes that embrace all kinds of color schemes. The same is true for elderflower – a classic scent that comes around time and time again. These candles are typically neutral in color, so are ideal for all home decors.

For something a little bolder, try cherry or cherry blossom. These candles are bold and pink, and the scent is refreshing and clean. It’s perfect for people who want to keep their home smelling as fresh as the new season.

Scatter Your Candles


Once you’ve chosen candles you like, remember to scatter them through your home. The purpose isn’t always to have them burning, so even if your candle looks great in a room that you don’t frequent so often – leave it there! The colors alone make candles the perfect home accessory.