Which Rug Fabric is Best for You?

living-roomYour rug makes your room. Like curtains, a rug can be a statement piece or draw together two contrasting styles and colors in any room. On top of it, they’re also a cozy addition to any room – so don’t underestimate the power that a rug can have.


There is a huge variety of rugs out there for you to choose from, too. From traditional and Persian rugs, to thin rugs and circular rugs, you have a huge range of options in terms of style, shape and even material. No matter which one you choose, your rug can pull together your favorite styles and make your home your own.


But regardless of style, which fabric should you be looking for?
Wool Rugs

A wool rug offers softness and durability, as well as a warmth that many other rugs just can’t offer. Hand woven or tufted wool rugs are ideal for people who want minimal upkeep. They’re super easy to clean and regular vacuum cleaners should do a perfectly good job of removing most dirt.

Wool is naturally resistant to stains, too. Thanks to the natural oils within the wool, you’ll find that this kind of rug remains durable for many years to come, and won’t look tired and old in a year’s time.
Wool rugs can be hand-loomed, machine-loomed, hand-tufted or hand-knotted.


Cotton Rugs


Looking to save money? A quality cotton rug is typically less expensive than a wool rug, but if cared for properly, can look great in your room. Whether it’s a traditional pattern or something more modern, cotton rugs are versatile, soft and affordable.

You can pick up a variety of cotton rugs too, including flatweave styles, traditional looms or even hand-woven rugs.


Hair-on-hide rugs are by no means the most common option, but they’re great if you’re looking for something different. These hair-on-hide rugs often showcase different colors and textures of hide, skilfully stitched together to create something special.

Cleaning is relatively simple. Vacuum the rug regularly, but don’t use a beater bar. The hide is durable but speeding up wear can make it appear patchy.
Natural Fiber Rugs


For something really durable, look no further than a natural fiber rug. These have a completely flat texture and are ideal if you’re looking for something extremely durable. Using natural fibers, these rugs are woven together extremely tightly, making them much easier to clean than rugs with absorbent fibers.

Spills can be cleaned using wet clothes and extraction powder, and vacuuming is really easy. To ensure that the rug stays looking great for longer, however, be sure that it stays out of the way of direct sunlight. Natural fibers can fade over time!


Synthetic Rugs


If you’re not so interested in natural fibers, a synthetic rug can offer extreme durability and a more affordable option. These rugs tend to be common in office environments given their relative inexpensiveness and durability – but the huge amount of patterns available mean they can also look great in the hope. Typically made from blends of nylon, polyester or olefin, a synthetic rug is more durable than natural fiber rugs and can even be hosed down when they need cleaning.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. Even more options are available for those looking for the very best rug they can find, including silk, chenille and more.