Stay On Trend with Knitwear in 2017

Knitwear seems to have finally gotten past the stage of being not much more than the ugly sweaters your grandma used to make. Knitwear is one of the most popular winter fashion trends, and that’s expected to continue throughout early 2017, and late 2017 as Fall and Winter set in.


Oversized Knitwear is All the Rage


In case you haven’t noticed, one of the most popular trends with knitwear these days is oversized knitwear. These are sweaters, jumpers and cardigans that are not just a size too big, but have extremely wide sleeves and longer sides that are designed to make the wearer more comfortable. offers some great examples of oversized knitwear, including a lambswool and cashmere wrap coat and turtleneck from Pringle of Scotland. The brown sweater with extra-wide sleeves are paired nicely with leather trousers and Wolford tights, creating a 1960s vibe that also seems to scream ‘2017’.
Going beyond oversized knitwear, however, WWD shows an example of an ‘unravelled’ piece of knitwear – a cashmere sweater that has tattered sleeves and edges, as well as a ridged effect all over. Paired again with Wolford tights and black trousers, this tattered piece of knitwear is exceptionally modern and certainly stands out.

The Latest Trends for Men


Knitwear in 2017 is not all focused on women, however. John Smedley recently presented their 2017 fall/winter collection, using their tagline ‘the world’s finest knitwear’. The brand says it is committed to quality and elegance, and the pieces they had on display were definitely interesting.


As well as traditional jumpers and sweaters, John Smedley showed off corduroy-style knitted turtleneck knitwear that was finished with color-matched scarves. They also presented a range of cardigans, suggesting that the knitted cardigan may well be making a return for the 2017 winter season.


What to Look Out For


What appears to be consistent with designers specializing in oversized knitwear right now, is the combination of oversized and baggy trousers with their knitted garments. John Smedley is among many other designers who are branching out into more daring knitwear styles, with split-seam knitted dresses, and wide trousers for both men and women that are design to go with Chelsea boots (another style that’s making a return in 2017).


Summer knitwear?


Not to be outdone by John Smedley and others, Japanese fashion brand ‘vivsim’ recently displayed their spring/summer 2017 collection, and it included knitwear. Despite this typically being included in fall and winter lines, the Japanese brand introduced light knitwear that follows the oversized style we have come to expect. Their style is clearly inspired by vintage Americana, and includes denim and accessories that look very forward-thinking. Check it out.


So whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring, knitwear is making a comeback, and it could just be your favorite section of your wardrobe throughout the coming year. Don’t look past this trend – keep on top of this popular fashion and look your best all year round.