Consider These Four Things Before Choosing Curtains for Your Home


Curtains are so much more than a window cover. Your curtains can pull together contrasting or conflicting colors in your room, or even be statement pieces in an otherwise bland space. Your curtains are a key part of your décor, and it’s important to consider these five things before you make your decision.

Picking the Right Fabrics


First of all, what kind of fabric do you need? You might think that this doesn’t matter unless you plan on touching them a lot, but they really do impact the visuals of your room. For instance, a thin polyester blend curtain might be perfectly fine for a room with blinds fitted, but otherwise, they are visibly thin and let in a lot of light.

Thicker fabrics, however, fall flat, don’t have visible creases and keep more light out.


If you’re intending to keep your rooms dark in the night time, then a thicker fabric is best. For a higher quality look, choose velvet or silk. Faux silk works nicely too, and linen is ideal for a summery feel.

Color and Weight


Of course, it’s important to choose a color that fits your décor. The color also goes hand in hand with the fabric you choose. For instance, lighter linen curtains look best in light blues, neutral shades and pastel colors. They are ideal for summer rooms with cooler colors.


Warmer rooms, however – which embrace darker shades of red, brown and even navy – look much better with warm-colored wool and velvet curtains. The color and style you choose, however, really is up to you. Pastel-colored heavy curtains can be a quirky statement piece in a modern room.


To Line or Not to Line?


Lining curtains is simply the process of adding an extra layer of fabric behind the primary fabric. This is common practice and will come as standard with most on practice and will come as standard with most curtains you purchase – should you be designing your curtains yourself, however, it’s an option that will be available to you.
Lining isn’t necessary – but the added weight helps keep creases away, and it also means you can more easily block out light.


What Length Do You Need?


Getting the length right is not as easy as it might sound. To ensure that your curtains are the right length, you must first decide how high above your window you would like the curtains to hang from. Opt for your curtains to hang higher, and you’ll add height to your room. Hang them lower, and you make the room feel more cozy and closed in.

Measure from the top of your window to the floor, and add the extra height you would like your curtains to hang from. If you want a modern look, this will ensure the curtains are perfectly trim with the ground. For a more traditional look, however, simply add a few extra inches and your curtains will gather nicely on the carpet.