Color Coordination & Other Tips for the Perfect Nautical Home Theme



Nautical-themed fashion has been popular for a number of years. From anchor-themed accessories to striped, navy garments with gold buttons – everything and anything nautical has been snapped up by consumers all over the world. It became a huge part of men’s fashion in 2016, and the trend doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon.


The theme is popular because of its cool, yet warming, color theme. The dark navy looks great with neutral white tones, or outlandish gold colors. It’s really versatile, and it’s a fantastic way to decorate your home.


Get Color Coordinated


Looking to implement a nautical theme at home? The first step is choosing your colors. You’ll need to coordinate your colors properly throughout your home – or at least throughout a specific room – in order to maintain this theme.


Consider the colors and shades you use on your curtains, carpets, furniture, cushions, rugs, throws and carpets. These are primary sources of color in any room. Your wallpaper or paint color can also help define a room, but a key thing to remember when embracing the nautical theme is to start with a neutral base color. A white or other pale shade is a great base to work on, using furniture and accessories that are dark blue, gray or light blue to create the theme. Gold candlesticks, plates can be scattered throughout the room sporadically, embracing a nautical look which has already been embraced in the world of fashion.


Embrace Stripes


A key element of any nautical theme is stripes. These go back to the classic depictions of sailors wearing striped hats and outfits, and when used tastefully, they can create a modern and welcoming ambience in any room.


A great place for stripes is on your curtains. Using pale and neutral curtains with large and spaced-out blue stripes can bridge the gap between neutral walls and darker colors on your furniture.


Rugs are another great place for stripes, as are wool and cashmere throws draped across a chair or sofa. Be sure, however, not to use stripes too often or it can quickly become overwhelming.
Get Nautical in the Bathroom


The bathroom is the perfect place to embrace your nautical theme – you’re surrounded by water, and you can be a little more obvious about your theme.


While you may not want overt references to the ocean in your living room (though some might!), the bathroom gives you the chance to be more creative. Your shower curtain, for instance, is a great place to show off some personality. There are some great nautical and even map-themed shower curtains available online. You could hang blue lifesavers on your wall, or use large shells as soap dishes. It’s a great way to get creative, and it ties in with a wider theme across the rest of your home. You have a chance to really show off your personality in your bathroom – but remember the rule: pale walls, bold accessories!